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Business purpose, mission & vision
Osho and uncertainty
Management’s meaning- Marathi
Digital Transformation
Chand Arora- management consultant
The Professional
East India Company- a history
LVMH buys Tiffany
A Poem about responsibility
Six Thinking Hats- Edward de Bono
Jack Welsh on Leadership
Sales Training- Why is it needed
Jeff Bezos
The Hedgehog knows the one big thing
Goodwill & the Salesman(603 words)
Business is Improvement
Creative Thinkers- (1067 words)
Moat-competitive advantage
Commodity business
Salesman Training
Charles Munger’s pithy statements
Advantages of Scale
Increase price to increase volumes
Skeleton & Flesh
Pareto, the genius
Purpose of a Business
Management’s Meaning
Change Agent
The best advice I ever got
Blue Oceans
The Long Tail
Buying the customer
Source of Wealth
Corporate Size
Company performance- 5 tests
What I learnt from my competitor
Learning to Think
Good writing
Beyond Competition
Bricks & Clicks
ICT (The 3rd wave)(1397 words)
How to get things done
Entrepreneurship (Hindi)
Lecture on Strategy (Hindi)
Symptoms of malorganisation
Growth (Marathi)
Information Sharing (Marathi)
Differentiate or Die (Marathi)
Experience (Marathi)
Common Sense (Marathi)
Integration (Hindi)
Kaizen (Hindi)
Hierarchy of Needs (Hindi)
Knowledge management (Hindi)
Mastering the Complex Sale (Hindi)
Manager (Hindi)
Knowledge worker (Hindi)
Menu costs, sticky prices (Hindi)
Invisible Hand, Visible Hand (Hindi)
Japanese Manufacturing (Hindi)
Market- a Definition (Hindi)
Good to Great (Hindi)
Eliminating Cost Centres (Hindi)
Growth (Hindi)
Human Factor in Management (Hindi)
Diversification (Hindi)
Empowerment (Hindi)
Hiring (Hindi)
Information Sharing (Hindi)
Differentiate or Die (Hindi)
Effectiveness & Efficiency (Marathi)
CEO’s Job (Marathi)
Manager (Marathi)

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