Volvo S60

Volvo, the Swedish car maker claims that they put people at the heart of everything that they do & challenge conventions. They have a rich design heritage & have a unique way of looking at the world.

They are the creators of the three-point safety belt & the side-impact airbags. Their technology is intuitive.

With the Volvo 60, you get enjoyment, comfort & beauty. You get a great driving experience.

They have easy to use controls, high-end audio systems & internet connectivity.

Inside, the S60 is a haven of calm & serenity.

The inside is uncluttered.The dashboard is gently angled towards you. All interior materials are hypo-allergenic & do not emit harmful gases. There is an effective dust & pollen filter.

The looks have clean surfaces & contours. The car’s face is inspired by a wolf’s eyes. The S60 has a confident, focused expression, like a powerful animal.

At speeds of up to 50km/hr, the car has a collision avoidance technology that brakes automatically if you are about to run into a vehicle in front.

In the dark, the High Beam stays on high beam all the time. You don’t have to flick between low & high beam, & when you meet or catch up another vehicle , the system shades out only as much of your beam as necessary to avoid dazzling-while you still get the benefit of a brightly lit road. The system can even recognise pedestrians & cyclists & avoids dazzling them too. And when you enter a city, the main beam switches off.

A special camera allows you to see around corners with a 180 degree field of vision. The image is projected onto a 7 inch centre display. This camera works even on reversing. You can spot low obstructions while manoeuvring.

Volvo’s vision is that by 2020, nobody should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo.