(How to free yourself, change your life & achieve real happiness)

Question: Children do not have to pay any taxes & they are protected by parents. They can spend days free from care. They don’t have to see grim reality-they are blindfolded. But as an adult, the child’s opinion will alter & all he will see is impossibility. His romantic view will end & be replaced by cruel realism.

Answer: It’s because you are making the world complicated. None of us live in an objective world, but instead in a subjective world that we ourselves have given meaning to. The world you see is different from the world I see, & it’s impossible to share your world with anyone else.

If we focus only on past causes & try to explain things solely through cause & effect, we end up with ‘determinism’¬†. Because what this says is that our present & future have already been decided by past occurrences & are unalterable. Am I wrong?

Question: So, you’re saying that the past doesn’t matter?

Answer: In Adlerian psychology, we do not think about past ’causes’, but rather about present ‘goals’. There is a difference between the study of causation (aetiology) & teleology¬†(the study of the purpose of a given phenomenon.) We do not suffer from the shock of our experiences, but instead we make out of them whatever suits our purpose. We are not determined by our experiences, but the meaning we give them is self-determining. We determine own lives according to the meaning we give to those past experiences. Our life is not something that someone gives us, but something we choose ourself & we are the ones who decide how we live.