“No organisation chart is likely ever to be displayed in a major art museum.”

There is no perfect organisation. At its best an organisation structure will not cause problems.


1. The most common & serious issue is multiplication of the number of management levels.

2. The second most common symptom of malorganisation is recurrence of problems.

3. Another issue of malorganisation is when the structure puts attention of key people on the wrong, the irrelevant, and the secondary problems.

4. Another issue is that of too many meetings. The ideal is the organisation which can operate without meetings. An excess of meetings indicates that jobs have not been defined clearly, have not been structured big enough, and have not been made truly responsible.

5. An organisation in which people are all the time concerned about feelings & about what other people will like is not an organisation that has good human relations. Good human relations like good manners are taken for granted. Constant anxiety over other people’s feelings is the worst kind of human relations.

6. It is a symptom of malorganisation to rely on “coordinators”, “assistants”, & other such whose job is not to have a job.

7. The worst situation is where a problem goes “looking for a home.”