To BE & to HAVE. This is the meaning of personal efficiency.

There must be both the development of yourself & the increase in your possessions. There must be both Personality & Ownership.

Every person has 4 elements- brain, body, will & feelings.

The right order of importance should be- Brain, Will, Body & Feelings.

If will is first, you can become a Hitler. If Body is kept first, you may become a brute. If you put Feelings at the top, you have a fool.

Certainly, the Body should be fit. There should not be aches & pains.

Feelings can be positive or negative. They may be creative or destructive. They are a good servant but a bad master. Feelings must be in the control of the Brain & Will.

If the Will is on top, then a man is unteachable, obstinate & unintelligent.

The Brain Thinks & Remembers. A good Memory is not at all necessary to success. It is a great convenience, but it is not indispensable.

If a man can write gracefully or speak fluently, it does not follow that he is Thinker.

To Think- that is the main thing. Genuine thinking is an active, creative process. It can best be described in 3 words: NOTICE; COMPARE; INVENT.

The truth is that for centuries we have had an education system that is upside down. We have been trying to make boys into men, instead of trying to make men into boys. The time has come for us to appreciate boys & to put an end to the boy-destroying process that is called Education.

The teachers propose, but the children dispose. If you drive Nature out of the door, it will come in the window. The children, in self defense, have built up a life of their own. This to them is the real life & they are quite right. The most valuable part of a boy’s education, in most cases, is what he learned from the other boys, not what he learned from the teachers.

Above all else, study BOYS. Study the concentration of a Boy. No hesitation. He knows what he wants & drives straight to it. An obstacle to a Boy, is only a hurdle to be jumped. He never dreams that any obstacle is insurmountable nor that any failure is final. And he knows that the best apples are always behind the highest walls. He is always going at full speed. He hurls himself at things He is never on the defensive. He is always attacking. Action-Action-Action-always Action that is the life of a Boy. Plunge ahead & meet the the Future halfway. Fall down & jump again. Tear your trousers & forget about it.Tumble in the pond & scramble out. Fly your kite & lose it. Give your cricket bat for a bigger kite. Fight another Boy & get thrashed. Fight again & win. That is the life of the Boy.

A Boy is all for self-help. He never wants to be the audience. He wants to be the performance. He is all self-confidence. Nothing overwhelms him

There are no two human beings more different than a Baby & a Boy. The Baby can do nothing. It is passive. It must be fed & carried & dressed & undressed. A Baby wants only 2 things- sleep & a dole. The Baby is a Socialist. But a Boy-he spurns your help & flings the milk bottles into the ditch. His motto is -“I’ll do it myself.”

A Boy is an INDIVIDUALIST. He is in favour of being left alone. He is willing to pay the full price for his fun. He prefers risk to safety & adventure to routine. In fact, he has no place, in his own scheme of things, for a Government at all.

A Boy has courage. He has fears-plenty of them; but he takes them as the normal accompaniment of a good time. He knows that roses have thorns, but he is not afraid of thorns.

All fears & dangers & penalties, in fact, are only the accompaniment of that EXCITEMENT which a Boy craves. The whole adult world it seems, is organised against him; but the BOY never surrenders. On he goes regardless of all our stupid prohibitions; in head-long pursuit of his own interests as a BOY.

We make him a trespasser in our world of grown up decorum, but what does the BOY care? He trespasses & laughs at us.

He is not a Baby. He is not a dole-taker. He is not an automation-not yet. He is a BOY, with an active, dominant Brain, that notices & compares & invents.

He appreciates Life. He is all energy & the joy of action. He feels that it is bliss to be alive & glorious to be young.

So the secret of personal success & happiness is to keep the brain young.