Salesman Training


  • What is the purpose of a business?
  • Difference between sales & marketing (Give examples) (solicitor/lawyer)

Marketing must be a company-wide undertaking. It must drive the company’s vision, mission & strategic planning. It is about deciding who the company wants as its customers; which needs to satisfy; what products & services to offer; what prices to set; what communications to send & receive; what channels of distribution to use; what partnerships to develop.

  • General problems of any b2b manufacturing company
  1. Sampling process too long
  2. Samples & actual goods are different
  3. Re-pricing not fair
  4. Limited raw material base
  5. Non-responsive to buyers on small runs
  6. Production deadlines too long
  7. No clear communication
  • Salesman must understand following concepts
  1. Which needs are you satisfying
  2. Unmet & unspoken needs
  3. Open ended questions
  4. Understanding what the customer buys
  5. Importance of pricing
  6. Satisficing
  7. USP
  8. Product knowledge
  9. Back-End knowledge
  10. Solution provider
  • Communication skills
  • Develop trust by doing what you promise
  • Understand what the customer wants
  • Understand the project
  • Availability on phone, whatsApp, & Email
  • Who is the decision maker in the buyer’s organisation
  • In handling customers, we must remember:
  1. We do not know that quality& timely delivery should be mentioned before price.
  2. We do not know how to begin a sale. We do not ask enough questions. We do not try to know the customer’s view-point. We make the sale too impersonal.
  3. We do not actively try to find new customers.
  4. We do not listen. Most salesmen talk too soon. A prospect is like a barrel. You must first empty him before you fill him.
  5.  We do not try to understand the customer’s view point
  6. We make the sale too impersonal.
  7. We not make a list of the possible pain areas of the customer
  8. Imagine you are the customer. Think from his point of view.

The most powerful concept in marketing is owning a word in the prospect’s mind.

How much time you are wasting in administrative work?