According to the Harvard Business Review, only 10% of the population has what’s called “the learning mind-set.” These are people who seek out & enjoy learning. The other 90% of the population will not seek to improve their skills unless they have to as part of their job requirement.

In the USA, most professions-real estate brokers, accountants, financial planners, stockbrokers, lawyers, healthcare professionals, masseuses, & so on-have mandatory continuing education because they found out that, without it, people wouldn’t keep current with the information necessary to be accepted as a professional in their field.

Yet, in most companies there’s little or no training & there’s rarely mandatory training.Moreover, some managers view training as an interference with “work” to be done.

Progressive  companies have classroom-type training programs with policies & procedures for everything. Improving & advancing the skills & professionalism of every person in your company is an ongoing process, & formal training sessions should be regular & nonnegotiable. Every person needs to be working with his/her skills.

Deliberate & constant training radically improves employees’ understanding of company’s objectives & helps to raise & set standards of performance. If you don’t train, you can’t expect people to get to the next level That’s why many companies remain small or have to continually waste time addressing the same issues & problems over & over again.

Training is proactive. It keeps your company healthy & prepared no matter what crisis arises. If you don’t train you force everyone to be reactive, so your chances of survival decrease dramatically.

Training opens your eyes to your weaknesses, boosts your self-confidence & brings you a step closer to victory.

Finally, training acts as a motivator. The employees start believing that the leaders are interested in them as human beings & want them to succeed.