The chain of cause & effect is extremely subtle. The slightest, invisible variation in an event could lead to dramatic consequences in the future. Therefore it is almost impossible to predict what will happen in the long-term & whether it will be good or bad because we cannot know all the variables precisely. Therefore look at life as a long chain of surprises & new revelations. Live it with a strong & robust spirit of sportsmanship. The goal of life is not to achieve some mythical point of perfection. The aim is to work hard at becoming better than you were yesterday.

One should not aim to shatter the record of others, but only to better one’s own. Such a person is a true winner & is also free of any unnecessary worry.

In life there are no wars to be won, only battles to be fought — personal, physical, social, psychological & spiritual.

Goals exist to inspire; they are not to be attained. If you are nearing your goal, move the goal post. True satisfaction lies in the effort rather than in the attainment. For your motto, reject “Success”; instead adopt “Strive.”