Birds arrive from Siberia, Europe, Asia & North America to Nandur Madhyameshwar, wetland sanctuary in Niphad tehsil of Nasik district in November. Nandur Madhyameshwar is low lying area in the confluence of the Godavari & Kadva rivers.The presence of natural ponds & accumulating silt forms a rich broth of aquatic life with algae, seeds & insects, which the birds find suitable.

The birds are:

1.Northern Pintail

2. Garganey

3. Northern Shoveler

4. Common crane from the Himalayas

The resident birds include: Pond heron, purple heron, cattle egret, white necked & black necked ducks, stork, teal, cormorant, eagle, osprey, buzzard. Wolf, jackal, civet & wildcat are among the non-avian animals found in this area.

Bird census reveals about 17000 birds in the wetlands & 1300 birds on trees. The population will swell further.