Two poems summarise the movie. Both poems relate to ISHQ.

  • Kuch to hote hain mohobbat mein junoon (pagalpana) ke asaar, aur kuch log bhi diwaana bana dete hain.
  • Hoga  koi deewar ke saaye mein Mir, kya kaam mohobbat se us aaram talab ko.

The film is a modern version of the classic Devdas. It has also been inspired by the Yash Chopra ‘s film Veer- Zaara.

In Devdas we have the hero who does not get married to his sweetheart (Paro) & ultimately dies from alcoholism. The hero gets love from a courtesan(Chandramukhi) but rejects her. Devdas has a friend in Chunilal, an important character.

In Veer-Zaara, the heroine marries the “other man”, & only after 25-30 years the lovers are united in matrimony.

In Kabir Singh, the movie, the heroine gets married to the “other man” whereas the hero as an unsuccessful lover rejects the love of an attractive actress. The hero has a close friend who sticks with him till the end.

The hero’s character has been developed brilliantly. The story is mostly credible.

The movie had to be made differently from both Devdas & Veer Zaara. This was the real challenge of the film director who has done a brilliant job in the differentiation.

It is the custom of the wise & cautious not to pronounce judgement on anything hastily, or to jump to conclusions without considering the full implications of the matter. But there are human beings who are exactly the opposite. They do not have the patience to reflect over anything or follow a matter through to its logical end. On the spur of the moment they decide that a thing is good or bad. They make faith do the work of thorough soul searching. It isn’t that such people aren’t cut out for this world — in fact they often work out very well. If luck is with them, they can often be found at the pinnacle of success. But if luck does not favour them, they can be found in the deepest dregs of misery, wallowing in its murky depths, unable to get up, to rise above their circumstances. There they lie like lifeless, inanimate objects. Devdas  ( & Kabir Singh)belonged to that class of men.

Unlike Devdas & Veer Zaara, the music is not upto the mark (I am 66 years of age & youngsters today may like the music.)

For young movie buffs, I suggest that they see the above movies & judge the adaptation on their own.

In short, the movie is an adaptation  but made in today’s world.This itself is creditable.