Jobs will explode in the service businesses – software, healthcare, hospitality, tourism where people are directly responsible for increased revenue.

As our businesses grow, they may be split into smaller, more manageable units and thus need senior people to head them.

Employment will shrink in typical plants as companies decrease costs and increase production on the same employer base.

Managerial productivity will be the key in both new and existing businesses. There will be fewer, better paid executives who must be productive.

Traditional full scope manufacturing is on its way out. Over the next 10 years, technology not manufacturing, will be central.

Which jobs will decline? Supervisory and support functions like administration. Those jobs that are not main line and do not require high skills will die out.

Unskilled activities or jobs requiring supervision will be replaced by self managed teams.

Brand building, channel management and marketing will become more critical than production itself.

People who can understand change will be valuable. Techno creative people will be required.

Designations are now more for the customer than the organisations.

Loyalty will lie to a profession and a set of skills, not to a company.