1. Google’s self-described mission is to catalogue the entire world’s information & make it searchable online.
  2. Google also wants to organise the world’s information to make it universally accessible & useful.
  3. Google wants to make maps of every inch of Earth, both indoors & outdoors.
  4. You would have maps of airports, shopping malls etc.
  5. You will have 3D versions of major metropolitan areas.
  6. You could virtually fly across cities.
  7. Whereas, Google makes its own maps, individuals also contribute to information.
  8. Places in the material domain are being festooned with layer upon layer of online information known as the “geoweb”.The spread of smart phones makes it easier for people to add their own notes to the geoweb.
  9. As regards the quantity of information, there is more information about Tokyo than the whole of Africa.

10.  Whereas the Nordic countries have 434 hits per 1000 people, Afghanistan has .03

11.  Nokia is a big producer of online maps & supplies to Microsoft, Yahoo!, Foursquare, Kindle & most cars with in-built navigation system.

12.  Google maps are popular with developers of applications & its maps are popular on mobile devices. In particular, they had spoken turn-to-turn instructions.

13.  Making maps is very expensive & big barrier to entry. Google entered this business in 2004 & Apple is only now entering.

14.  There are thousands of apps. One called Street Bump reports potholes automatically from the smartphone.

15.  The reach of Twitter can help the police know of conditions & situations faster & can help prevent crime.