2500 BC Pre-Historic India The Evolution of the Harappa Settlements
1500 BC HINDUISM Composition of the ‘Rig Veda’
900 BC The ‘Mahabharata’ war.
500 BC The Later Vedas, The Caste -system and composition of the Upanishads
564 BC BUDDHISM Gautama Buddha Jainism too emerges around 540 BC
542 BC Bimbisara rules Magadha
490 BC Ajatsatru suceeds Bimbisara Ajatsatru rumoured to have killed his father .
362 BC Nanda crowned king of Magadha Subjects unhappy during his rule.
327 BC Alexander ‘the great’ reaches N.W Defeats King Porus ,said to have descended from the line of Kauravas
322 BC The Maurya Empire Chandra Gupta overthrows Nanda Megasthenes appointed as ambassador to his court. Writes the ‘Indica’
298 BC Bindusara succeeds the throne Bindusara converts to Jainism
269 BC Asoka ‘the Great’ rule begins Spreads Budhism, builds the ‘Sanchi Stupa’ & Asoka Chakra
183 BC The end of the Maurya Dynasty
183-147 The SUNGAS Pusyamitra Sunga a General,assasinates the last Mauryan King.Is succeeded by his son Agnimitra Kalidasa writes several plays glorifying King Agnimitra
90 BC The SAKAS The Sakas arrive from Iran
71 BC The Kusanas The end of the Sungas
Kusanas Invade N.W.
Said to descend from the Yueh-Chih dynasty in China and driven by the Hans
78-101 AD The reign of Kanishka Greatest of the Kusana kings,his empire extends from Bengal to parts of Afghanistan
52 AD Christianity St Thomas one of the key disciples of Christ reaches Kandhar
320 AD The Golden Age of Guptas Chandra Gupta-1 Aryabhatta & the concept of zero
Samudra Gupta,Vikramaditya,unite all of North India under their rule Sea trade prospers, make Pataliputra their capital
454 AD Kumaragupta repels the 1st Huna Invasion
495 AD Kumaragupta Dies
540 AD The end of the Gupta Rule Skanda Gupta defeated by the ‘Hunas’ The reign of Mihirakula, the Huna King
606-647 The reigh of Harshavardhana in the north Pulakeshin holds sway in South-Central India,Huein-Tsang visits India
712-1000 Medieval Dynasties Palas of Bengal,Candellas of Bundelkhand,
Rashtrakutas of Central Deccan,
Chalukyas of Gujarat,and Cholas,Pallavas & Pandyas in South Rajendra Chola-1 conquers Ceylon and reaches Indonesia
712 Advent of Islam Arabs occupy Sind
986 AD Muslim Invasion Begins Sabuktigin of Ghazni attacks NW India King Jaya Pala
997 AD His son Mahmud ascends the throne of Ghazni
1001 AD Mahmud attacks & plunders NW India 17 times. The fabled ,Somnath Temple is one of the many plunders
1027-1028 Mahmud Dies
1028-1029 Ghiyasuddin of Ghori annexes Ghazni
1180 Prithviraj Chauhan, Jayachandra Gahaman & Parmar Chandella the 3
Hindu rulers are in a state of Tripartite war with each other.
1191 The 1st Battle of Tarain Shahabuddin Ghori is defeated but spared by Prithviraj
1192 The 2nd battle of Tarain Prithviraj is defeated by treachery and killed .Shahabuddin returns to Ghazni
1206-1210 The Slave Dynasty Qutubuddin Aibak a general of Shahabuddin occupies Delhi
1210-1236 Iltutmish takes the Delhi throne Completes the ‘Qutub Minar’
1236-1240 Raziya his daughter ascends the throne of Delhi
1266-1287 Ghiyasuddin Balban takes the throne
1290-1296 The Khilji Dynasty Jalaluddin Khilji Is killed by his son-in-law Alauddin
1296-1316 Alauddin-Khilji ascends the throne Introduces the ‘mansabadari’ system
1310 Alauddin attacks Chittor to abduct Rani Padmini Rani Padmini Commits ‘Jauhar’
1320 The Tughluqs Ghiyasuddin Tughluq Is killed by his son Muhammad
1324-1351 Muhammad Tughluq Abandons Delhi and sets up capital in the Deccan but fails
1351-1388 Furuz Shah Tughluq
1414 The Sayyids Khizr Khan
1451-1526 Ibrahim Lodi
1498 The Portugese Vasco Da Gama lands in Goa Acquires permission to open warehouse in Goa & Daman,and St Francis Xavier arrives to spread Christianity
1526 The Mughals The 1st Battle of Panipat–Babur rules Delhi Babur’s army of 10,000 defeats Ibrahim Lodi’s army of a lac over
1530-1540 Humayun rules Defeated in battle with Shershah Suri
1540-1555 Sher Shah rules delhi Builds the ‘Grand Trunk Road’
Sher Shah Dies
1555 -1556 Humayun regains Delhi but dies a year later in an accident.
1556 The 2nd Battle of Panipat-Akbar defeats Hemu The Hindu General Hemu is killed in battle.
1556-1605 The rule of Akbar ‘The Great’ Abolishes ‘Jiziya’ and establishes peace thru alliances
1602 Jahangir rebels against his father
1605-1627 Jahangir Ascends the Throne The growing influence of Noor Jahan
1627-1658 Shah Jahan ascends the throne Re-imposes ‘Jiziya’,bulds the Taj Mahal, The Red Fort, Jama-Masjid
1630 AD The birth of Shivaji
1639 The East India Company acquires Madras to open ware houses
1658-1707 The Rise of the Marathas Aurangzeb kills his brothers, imprisons
Shahjahan and ascends throne
Orders the beheading of the sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur but unable to check the rise of Shivaji
1674 Shivaji is crowned as ‘Chhatrapati’
1680 Shivaji dies His son Sambhaji tortured and killed by Aurangzeb
1707-1738 Aurangzeb dies and Bahadur Shah-1 gets the throne Thirty years of succession battles & debauchery in Delhi
1739 Nadir Shah of Persia attacks and loots Delhi Takes away the Peacock throne and the Ko-hi-noor diamond.Slaughters 40,000 civilians in a day
1757 The Rise of the English The Battle of Plassey Lord Clive defeats Siraj-ud-daulah and annexes Bengal,Bihar & Orissa
1760 The End of the Marathas The 3rd Battle of Panipat Ahmad Shah Abdali a general of Nadir Shah defeats the Maratha Army
1774-1785 Lord Clive commits suicide on charges of embezzlement
1785-1793 Lord Cornwallis He arrives after handing over power to George Washington in the Americas
1792 Tipu Sultan of Mysore killed in battle with the British
1828 Lord Bentinck arrives Ushers many reforms. Abolishes sati and pushes for widow-remarriage.
1834 Lord Macaulay arrives and advocates the English language in India.
1837 The Great Bengal Famine One million die of starvation.
1857-1858 The Great Mutiny Indians employed as soldiers rebel against their English masters. The rebellion is quelled .Nanasaheb & Lakshmibai die in battle. Bahadurshah Zafar ‘the last Mughal’ is exiled to Rangoon signalling the end of Mughal presence.
1858 The British Rule The East India Co is dissolved and India comes
under direct rule of Queen Victoria.
Lord Canning is the 1st Viceroy
1869 Gandhi is born in Porbandar, Gujarat
1880-1884 Lord Ripon passes ‘Local self-Government Act Is known to be a sympathiser of the locals
1884 The Indian National Congress is formed
1905 Lord Clive divides Bengal Continuation of the ‘Divide & Rule’ policy
1906 The Muslim League is formed Iqbal ,composer of ‘Saare jahan se accha’ proposes a separate Muslim state
1915 The Gandhian Era Gandhi returns from South Africa
1919 Massacre at Jalianwala Bagh . Tagore returns his Knighthood
The draconian ‘Rowlatt Act’ is passed
1922 Chauri Chaura Incident where 22
policement are burnt alive by farmers
Gandhi arrested
1927 Simon commission arrives Lala Lajpat Rai killed during a lathi charge
1929 Bhagat Singh hurls bomb in Parliament
1930 Gandhi walks 220 miles to make salt at Dandi
1939 The Second World War breaks out
1940 Jinnah proposes Two Nation theory
1942 Gandhi launches the ‘Quit India Movement’
1946 Mountbatten arrives as last Viceroy
1947 India Partitioned 14th August 1947 Pakistan is created
15th August 1947 ,India is now a free country