Success does not happen. It is CAUSED. If success is caused by luck, it will almost certainly be followed by failure. Why? Because there is no such thing as steady good luck. Luck changes. Every gambler has discovered this. Every gambler with a “system” has sooner or later come to grief.

Action is the creation of CAUSES that are likely to produce a certain desired effect.

A keen businessman spends much of his time creating the CAUSES of success. If any businessman will make it a habit of mind to look upon his action as causes, it will greatly increase his personal efficiency as an executive.( Efficiency means a higher percentage of results.) As soon as a man begins to think of causes, he is on his way to be efficient.

As long as a man is content to do routine work only, he will remain in the rank & file.

Creative action is different. It means doing something that was not done yesterday. It means thinking, followed by an act of will power. It means creating a new cause. It means solving problems. In business, it means doing something to increase goodwill or prestige or net profits. Always, it means some kind of improvement.

There is a vast difference between system & efficiency. A company can have a cast-iron system- a system that works with very few errors, & yet make very small net profits. When any company is so rigidly organised that it makes no experiments-that it destroys initiative, it becomes like a tortoise.

No company can be well managed by authority alone.

When the leader has a large problem to solve, the most effective way to solve it is to divide it up into its various parts. The truth is that a man’s success, usually, is not due to some brilliant Idea or Scheme, but to thousands of little, practical acts.

Many a man has the delusion that he is busy when he is traveling. The answer is-he is not. He is busiest when he is THINKING & he is idlest when he is being carried about like a piece of luggage.

Business is not “the same old things.” It is the same thing with VARIATIONS, & the variations are what increase his profits.

There is a lot of FEAR in the business world. Workers are afraid of supervisors; most employees are afraid of losing their jobs; many executives are afraid of their Chiefs. No efficient leader wants to be the head of a company of frightened people. He wants his people to stand erect & feel secure & dare to make suggestions. He wants his people to think & be action-minded.

Do something hard everyday.

As soon as a man acquires the action habit of mind, he is always on the lookout for opportunities.