A salesman should sell his company along with the goods. It goes without saying that a salesman should never let his company down. When he stands in front of the customer, his creed must be:”My company, right or wrong.”

If there are any confessions or excuses to be made, let them come from the home office.

A salesman must admit freely what he cannot honestly deny, but he must always defend his firm, just as a lawyer must always defend his client before the judge. Never agree with a customer when he blames your house. Many salesmen do, with the intention of pleasing the customer.

A salesman who accepts blame, as though he were head of the house, is a much larger man to the eyes of the customer than a salesman who joins in the attack on his own company.

All the world despises a Judas who betrays his master for 30 pieces of silver.

Loyalty is always & everywhere a virtue that everyone respects. It is a virtue among savage & civilised nations. It has always been a virtue & it always will be.

If a salesman finds that his company is dishonest & unreliable, then his one best policy is to resign & find another employer that can be depended upon. No salesman can do good if he is ashamed of his employer. A salesman owes it to himself to work for a concern that he can trust & respect.

The best concerns make blunders at times. They send the wrong goods or the wrong bill or something of the sort. They make clerical errors that arise from the carelessness of a new employee; and when these mistakes are made, the salesman must stand by his house & insist that all errors will be corrected.

A salesman is never guilty when he praises his employer. He is like a football player, who can praise his team without being accused of egotism.

The salesman who runs away to a competing firm & takes his customers with him, or tries to do so, is not respected, even by the concern that takes him on.

Goodwill! This is the main thing. It is more than money, because it is the basis of credit. The salesman who builds up his firm’s goodwill will soon create goodwill of his own. This is a vital point to remember. Goodwill must come first. It must come even before sales, if there is any clash between the two.

Every day, of his life, the salesman is either increasing or decreasing the goodwill of his company.

A salesman, in fact, is much more than a salesman. He really is an agent- an intermediary-a commercial ambassador. There is no word in the English language to properly define him. He is not merely selling goods. He is building up the reputation of his organisation. A salesman is the whole company, legally, when he stands in front of his customer. The company is responsible for what he says & does. He is not a hireling, a mere carrier of samples.

So, it is a wise policy, after the last order has been taken, to say a few words about your people. Surely there is one sentence that can be said in praise of one’s own organisation. “By the way, you may be pleased to know that our new factory is finished,” some such news.

A man cannot blow his own horn without being a bit of a bore, but he can blow his company’s horn. He can talk for two minutes as though he were its president.

It is clear that the salesman should sell his company as well as the goods.