Parliamentary governments have been wrecked by the growth of political parties. Elections have become so farcical that half of the voters, in many countries do not vote at all.

Candidates for office are not chosen by the people. They are chosen by political machines. They are appointed. The voters have only the choice between several appointees. Politics has become a game between several political organisations, none of which represents the nation as a whole.

Political parties are not at all concerned with the task of the government. They are concerned  only with vote-getting. Their only aim is to get into power. Consequently, when a political party does get into power, it proceeds to please the voters by giving away public money. It becomes a Charitable Agency. It bribes as many voters as possible with its gifts, so that it can remain in power.

There is no such thing as representative government in any large European country, nor in the US. Every government represents a political party, which is controlled by non-elected men. The real power is always behind the scenes. The members of a government are puppet figures, moved by strings that are pulled by political organisers.

Almost all the real issues are evaded by Parliament. Elections are fought out on phrases & political war-cries. There is no study of national problems. There is no education of the people. There is no effort to secure the services of the ablest men. In all political parties, able & independent man are not wanted. None but puppets are popular. They are “regular”.

Naturally the Permanent Secretaries, who remain in power for life, acquire more skilled knowledge  & power than the come-and-go Governments. Before any Cabinet Minister can understand his department, there is a political whirl & he is thrown out of office.

The general opinion, among thoughtful men in all countries, now is that political partyism is wholly an evil & must be abolished. Wherever a political party has become dominant, it has destroyed political freedom & lowered the tone of public life.

Political partyism makes cowardice a principle of government. It destroys independence of thought. It teaches voters to despise the right to vote. It has led to the sham battles of elections.It has created vast amount of corruption & the squandering of public money.

The role of the individual in the State has dwindled to a small affair. He has no way of expressing his personal opinions, unless he becomes one of the inner circle of a political ring. Politically, he is a cipher. All he can do is to write a letter to the daily press.

During elections, a flood of talkers come before the voters with promises to do this & that. These promises are usually quite worthless.

In a word, our political partyism has become a vast humbug. None, except the most stupid or corrupt have any faith in it. It has brought representative government into contempt.

The economist’s explanation for people not voting is:

Consider being confronted with two different decisions: what car to buy & what political candidate to vote for. Both decisions can be improved by investing more time & effort in studying the various options. With respect to the car, your decision will be certain; but in the case of the political candidate, your vote will not much matter. If the candidate you prefer would be elected without your vote, you are wasting your time; if the candidate would lose even with your vote, you are still wasting your time. Accordingly, you will invest more time in choosing your car, since the utility is much higher. Conclusion: It is rational to be ignorant when information costs more than it is worth.