Many men claim that they have a substitute for knowledge – an inborn instinct that enables them to make wise decisions. That they are on a higher plane than any specialist. That they are self-sufficient. That they have the gift of infallibility.

There is nothing more foolish than this. And in the scientific world it is unknown.

A man may be a “specialist” in his work. But should not be a specialist in his life. He should have a number of interests. He should be in touch with his generation. He should balance his life with various activities.

A man’s career starts when he becomes interested in his own possibilities & opportunities – when he sets out to become more intelligent & efficient.

The ownership of property has a beneficial effect on a man’s character. It adds to his happiness. It cures him of Communistic nonsense. It makes him more valuable to his family & firm.

At 40, a man must take stock of himself. He must learn from his mistakes & specialize in whatever sort of work that he can do best. Certainly by 40 he has learned that there are certain things that he can’t do. Also, that there is one line of work that he can do well. That he has a STRONG POINT.

The 3 most important things for any man to have are:




If our money does not help us become more intelligent & generous, then we might better remain poor.

The greatness of any nation depends, not upon its navy, army or government. It depends upon the number of fully developed men that it possesses

A man who creates friction & ill-will has a serious handicap. The right way to work is to work smoothly & pleasantly, both with one’s fellow-workers & customers.

Some men are only play-boys, who are only happy when they are working on a hobby. They dislike work, unless there is an element of entertainment in it.

When a man works for an organization, he must carry out ideas that are given to him by his chief. He must have a bit of enthusiasm in doing any work that helps his organization. He should not act & feel as though he were on his own.

Quite a number of people have the delusion that it is smart to fool others. They are proud of their trickiness. The more self-respect a man has, the less he resorts to trickiness.

A manager may have to use strong language in talking to a careless workman but the next day he should not look at that man with resentment. After a storm, the blue sky – that is a good rule in the management of men. Never keep a quarrel going. When it’s over, forget it. The man who quickly forgets disagreements will succeed more quickly & have more peace of mind, than the man who preserves his grudges.

The policy of compromising is one of the principles of efficiency.

Does wealth bring happiness to a man? Yes, it does if he either keeps on working or if he concerns himself with the welfare of others. Otherwise he will become a bored pleasure seeker.

The happiest of all men is the one who loses himself in creative work that make great demands upon his intellect & emotions & keeps him actively engaged in filling the needs of other people.

Some men need hobbies & some do not. A man whose work is the same day after day does need a hobby. But when a man’s work is varied & creative, he has very little need for a hobby.

Our success & happiness depend on brain development.

No man is fit for high position unless he has a bit of courage & stamina. The higher a man goes, the more he will be shot at with blame.

Ask any small businessman what he needs most, he will reply “ more capital”. Ask an MD of a large successful firm what he needs most & he will reply – “ More men with brains & character”. A man with 40 shops was asked – Why not 50? He replied “ Because I don’t have 10 more men who are qualified to be Branch Managers”.

“ Wealth lost, something lost; Honour lost, much lost; Courage lost, all lost.”