I was CEO & MD of a  listed company for 35 years till October 2018. I have studied tens of management books.

I am now a management consultant (call me a private tutor)

I advise businesses. I am a coach, mentor, consultant , motivator, explainer & trainer. I recommend good practices. I improve.

What is my method?

1. I insist that the books of accounts  be up-to-date. I find out if the accounts team is adequate. If not, I recommend using an outside experienced accountant. The P&L account, balance-sheet & projected cash flow statement is daily updated. I have a special format for the P&L account.

2. I  improve the level of due-diligence.

3. I  improve the 5S activities.

4. I  improve the organisation chart- lines of communication, authority & responsibilities should be clear. I want to improve the level of delegation. I want to right-size the team.

5. I teach these subjects: P&L account’s right format; balance sheet; cash-flow statement; Mission; Vision; BEP & how to derive the same; Pricing; Grade & Quality; Efficiency vs Effectiveness; Meaning of Profit; Meaning of Professional management; CEO’s Job; Delegation; Information Systems; Differentiation & USP; Sales & Marketing & the difference between the two; USP; Motivation; Social knowledge; Growth; Diversification; Innovation; Technology & its importance; Core competence; Competitive advantage; Deciding the right metrics for your business.

Once the above is done, the vocabulary of the team becomes the same. We can understand each other.

6. Find the answer to: Why should anybody buy from us? What is attractive about us?

7. I explain: What nobody  can teach you but must be learned by each individual.

8. Businessmen are lonely people. I become your colleague to discuss & debate.

Once I am hired, it could take up to 6 months to a year to achieve the above.

Chand Arora- 9975814125

Mahatma Nagar, Nasik