I was CEO & MD of a  listed company for 35 years till October 2018. I have studied tens of management books.

I am now a management consultant and private tutor.

I advise businesses. I am a coach, mentor, consultant , motivator, explainer & trainer. I recommend good practices. I improve.

What is my method as a consultant?

1. I insist that the books of accounts  be up-to-date. I find out if the accounts team is adequate. If not, I recommend using an outside experienced accountant. The P&L account, balance-sheet & projected cash flow statement is daily updated. I have a special format for the P&L account.

2. I  improve the level of due-diligence.

3. I  improve the 5S activities.

4. I  improve the organisation chart- lines of communication, authority & responsibilities should be clear. I want to improve the level of delegation. I want to right-size the team.

5. I teach these subjects: P&L account’s right format; balance sheet; cash-flow statement; Mission; Vision; BEP & how to derive the same; Pricing; Grade & Quality; Efficiency vs Effectiveness; Meaning of Profit; Meaning of Professional management; CEO’s Job; Delegation; Information Systems; Differentiation & USP; Sales & Marketing & the difference between the two; USP; Motivation; Social knowledge; Growth; Diversification; Innovation; Technology & its importance; Core competence; Competitive advantage; Deciding the right metrics for your business.

Once the above is done, the vocabulary of the team becomes the same. We can understand each other.

6. Find the answer to: Why should anybody buy from us? What is attractive about us?

7. I explain: What nobody  can teach you but must be learned by each individual.

8. Businessmen are lonely people. I become your colleague to discuss & debate.

Once I am hired, it could take up to 6 months to a year to achieve the above.

What is my method as a tutor?

My clients visit my home at Space Twinkle, 4th floor, Mahatma Nagar, Nasik-422007. (opp. Six Sigma Hospital, is Keshvlal Nathubhai jewellers, enter lane next to that, take 2nd left, 3rd building).

I teach various topics on management. The course can be completed in 5-10 sessions of 90 minutes each. The student gets personal attention. The training is mainly in English & Hindi with some Marathi.

The first tutorial is FREE without any obligation to continue.


From Mr. Jaydev Mody, Chairman of Arrow Textiles & Delta Corp- 21st October 2020

“Chand was MD of Arrow Textiles, I am the Chairman. For the 50 years that I have known him personally & professionally, I have been impressed with Chand’s passion & commitment. He is a leader constantly training his team & wanting to excel!! He believed in innovation & he utilised technology appropriately. I wish him the best.”

From Mr. MM Kale, Head of Operations, Arrow Textiles- 21st October 2020

“Mr. Chand Arora, a management school in himself, has been my mentor for over 34 years. He is a well read person & knows how to make management ideas work practically. This style of working makes a person fall in love with his ideas instantly. His thought process has always been at the cutting edge & based on 4 pillars- innovation, process improvements, Training the team & empowering people.

His passion is infectious & there is never a dull moment around him.I have been fortunate enough to be a beneficiary of such a person & wish to remain associated with him throughout my life.”

From Kalpana Dravid- Officer on special duty-Arrow Textiles- 23rd October 2020

“I have worked with and for Mr. Arora for 5 years and am associated with him for life now! The transformation I had from what I learnt in these 5 years takes me by awe. From the umbrella view of any business, the numbers involved, the major touch-points in a business to the human aspects in any company, I have learnt it all from him and more so, each time we have a chat session, I learn something new from him.

Mr. Arora has been exceedingly successful in his own right to build a company and his ability to create leaders and CEO’s of Small Business Units within his company. His enthusiasm for sharing his expertise, his eagerness to invest in others, his ability to give honest & direct feedback and his reflective listening makes him a perfect mentor. As we see, his entrepreneurial skill has won him many admirers.

Mr. Arora has helped me with both career and my personality. He is always willing to have a cup of tea or a chat about my concerns.

Thank you for being there for me and teaching me so much, Mr. Arora. You are truly a great inspiration for me. Accept my heartfelt gratitude for your time, support, and patience.”

From Pankaj Kachhwaha, CEO Itrix Incorporation

“How do they do it?

And you made it look so simple, handling matters that mattered the most.

It was an experience leap in learning to manage work, people & finance. Clearing the fog & laying it down in simple terms.

Things you have shared can’t be learned in books. Your failures & your triumphs.

Arora Sir, you are a great mentor & you have the most important skill- winning people honestly. Thank you for sharing with me.

Warm Regards”