Bricks & Clicks

Both have their advantages.

For wares that do not have to be displayed in a showroom, online retailers are hard to beat. But it is easier to judge a shoe’s fit or an apple’s crispiness in a real store. Car seats must be fitted & parents like to handle baby equipment before paying.

Shoppers who crave instant gratification will not get that online. Many plumbers & electricians (tradesmen) are last-minute shoppers.

Pure online retailers do not pay rent but their variable costs eat up much of that advantage. Without store-fronts to lure in the customers, they shell out to buy ads. Delivery of bulky goods is a headache. Couriers show up at empty houses. Shoppers return a quarter or more of clothing they buy, another big expense.

If one has online retail & actual shops, a customer can order online but collect from a convenient outlet. Often, they linger to buy more. Whenever a new shop opens, online sales in the vicinity can jump up overnight.

A combination of both seems to be the trend.