Background (written in July 2019)

I was CEO & MD of a  listed company for 35 years.I have retired in October 2018. This blog is a labour of love.

What I  Do

I create content on management & social knowledge. The articles are brief, interesting & lucid.

For Who I Do

The company executive.

How I Do

I read extensively & select portions that  explain issues, facts & ideas. I edit & post such content on my blog.


To create a site that adds value to a company executive by providing a ready guide, 24×7, for ideas & facts on management & social knowledge. I want to   give him the ability to “talk beyond that which is necessary to the purposes of actual business”. His profits must increase.

How am I  different

A. My domain is management ideas & social knowledge. The content will not digress from these topics.

B. Large selection of management ideas & rich content of social knowledge.

C. Information available 24×7.

D. Inexpensive

E. Good English

Critical skills

I have read & selected articles since the past 25 years. I have extensive management experience & had a diverse team . I faced myriad management problems & looked for innovative solutions. I have been reading & comparing the ideas with my work . I have lived the ideas. They have helped me. I can judge what an executive wants to know.


Relevant & rich information for the executive made available 24×7 at cheap prices.

The articles are meant to whet the appetite for ideas & knowledge. The generic competition are: books, trainers, newspapers, magazines, DVDs. None of these are inexpensive nor available 24×7. The internet is difficult to navigate with too many “hits” to choose from.

Competitive Landscape

To the best of my knowledge, there is no similar service in the market. A business executive who does not read books will find this site an easy way to update his knowledge, and the executive who does read extensively, will find the site useful as a quick reference point. He has access to the site 24×7.